Don Bosco Academy



Studets should not bring costly watches, Jeweltery, camera, Transistor etc. to the school. Late comers will not be allowed to attend classes and will be marked absent on that day except some genuine cases. Students not in uniform will not be permitted to attend classes. Boarding with incomplete Kit will not be permitted in the hostel. Smoking, Chewing betel or tobacco and taking alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly prohibited in the school campus. Though all precautions are taken to prevent any mishap inside the school campus, no responsibility will be accepted by the school management in case of any such happening either within the school premisses or outside while transporting the students or at the time of taking part in the sports and other extra curricular activities, Nevertheless, in case of such events, parents/guardians are immediately informed and school provides all necessary help and support to the student. Expense in such cases are to be convey by the parents/guardians. Parents/Guardians will be bound by the school rules and regulations which may change from time to time. The decision of be Principal in the functioning of the school , including admission/removal of the student must be abided by parent/guardian and the student.


Any students who is over-age according to the school norms or is considered to have failed to qualify academically at the end of the academic year may be required to leave the school. Students who have spent two years in the same class and who fail to qualify for promotion to the next succeeding class for the second time shall have to leave the school. There are normally two terminal examinations in each academic year.

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LK.G. to Std. III (inclusive) a student must pass in English, Hindi and Arithmetic. In order to pass a student is required to obtain at least 45% in each of the above mentioned subject. Subject to the provision of clause 18 above and further to it students who habitually absent themselves from classes or terminal tests without any reason acceptable to the principal or her representative or whose conduct or progress is otherwise unsatisfactory is deemed by the principal shall not be promoted to the next class and the student may at the discretion of the principal be required to leave the school. If for unforeseeable reason acceptable to the principal a student is unable to appear at the Final Examination he/she will required to have passed in each of the subject of English, Hindi and Arithmetic and to have obtaioned an aggregate of 40% in the other subject in the proceeding terminal examination. Absent in all of the tests shall disqualify a student for promotion. Attendance at all Terminal examination is mandatory. There is no provision for any re-examination of any class assignment or terminal test. Use of unfair means in any examination will result in cancellation of the result and attract disciplinary action. All questions of promotion or failure shall vest in the school authority and the decision of the principal shall be final and binding. No midterm promotion will be entertained.

Note - The principal may exercise discretionary powers on applying any of the condition mentioned above in exceptional cases.

Admission Form and Prospectus Fee - Rs. 200/-


The school uniform is compulsory for all students. The details are given below.

Summer Uniform

Boys Golden peech Half Shirts with school monogram & Royal Blue half pant (upto class II) Royal Blue full pant (class III and above) and white shocks.
Girls Half sleeved Golden peech shirt & Royal Blue skirt up to Knee length and white stockings black ribbons or hair band upto Class VII. Golden Peech Kurta & Royal Blue Salwar with Blue Dupatta for Class VIII & above.

(i) School Tie & Belt, (ii) Black plain shoes with laces (boys) or buckles (girls).

Wednesday & Saturday :

Boys White Half Shirt with School monogram and white half pant upto Class II and full pant for class III and above.
Girls White half shirt with school monogram and white skirt upto Class VII. White Kurta & White Salwar with Blue Dupatta for Class VII & above.

(i) School Tie & Belt, (ii) White plain shoes with laces (boys) or buckles (girls).

Winter Uniform

BoysGolden Peech Full Shirt with School monogram and Royal Blue full pant.
GirlsGolden Peech Full shirt with School monogram and Royal Blue skirt up to Class VII. Golden Peech Kurta & Royal Blue Salwar with Blue Dupatta for Class VIII & above.

Wednesday & Saturday :

BoysWhite Full Shirt with School monogram and white full pant for all classes.
GirlsWhite full shirtwith school monogram and white skirt upto Class VII. White Kurta & White Salwar with Blue Dupatta for Class VIII & above

Compulsoryror Winter- •Royal Blue sweater •cap or Scarf or Muffler (Royal Blue) •White Stocking for Girls •Royal Blue Blazer With School Monogram (Classes from IV and above) •Royal Blue Jacket for Nursery to Class Ill.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 900/-
Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 1100/-
Rs. 1200/-
Rs. 1300/-
Rs. 1400/-
Rs. 1500/-
Rs. 2000/-
Development Charge
Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee
Rs. 600/-
Sports & Games Fee
Rs. 200/-
Rs. 300/-
SMS Charge
Rs. 150/-
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
Registration Fee
Rs. 300/-
Admission Fee
Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 200/-
Rs. 2500/- + Annual Charge + one month Fee
8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Monday to Saturday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Monday to Saturday- For Day Boarders

Note - School timing may bechanged depending on their prevailing condition.

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